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Frequently Asked Questions...and Answers



Of course not.  We recognize that redevelopment and new development are vital to the continued wellbeing of all cities; West Covina is no different. 


We’re simply asking that any development be site suitable.  For example, intensive development does not belong next to a unlined, toxic hazardous waste landfill.  We also believe that not all land should be covered with homes, hotels, strip malls, and shopping centers. 


We also recognize why the City of West Covina would like more hotels.  Hotel room tax revenue is highly lucrative for city coffers, which can benefit West Covina. 


We encourage the City Council and City Staff to investigate potential locations for Singpoli's proposed hotel and entertainment venues that are actually consistent with West Covina's brand new General Plan.  That General Plan was adopted in late 2016 and states that "the central vision of this Plan is to: Preserve and enhance stable residential areas; and renew and direct contextual growth to Downtown..." 

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