Recap: Our agenda for the BKK landfills and adjacent lands is: 1) Public health, 2) Open space, 3) Environmental justice.


We are not anti-development. We believe development should be suited to the land.  Intensive development on or adjacent to the Class I landfill at BKK is entirely inappropriate – an understatement.


The Class I landfill at BKK is an unlined, toxic hazardous waste landfill covering 195 acres and up to 595 feet deep. It is still considered one of California’s most dangerous landfills.  Most of the toxic hazardous waste disposed of at BKK was liquid toxic waste disposed of by directly pumping it on to the ground and then covering it with a layer of municipal trash. That practice continued nearly daily for 12 years.  According to the California Department to Toxic Substances Control the Class I landfill at BKK contains an estimated 3.4 million tons of toxic hazardous waste.  According the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the total is 3.9 million tons. 


Hotels or other forms of intensive development do not belong next to unlined, toxic hazardous waste landfills.

August 29, 2020: Letter to Singpoli (the developer) making the case that their investors' and lenders' funds would be better spent elsewhere in West Covina resulting in a higher and more certain return on investment - detailed specifics provided in the letter.  



August 6, 2020: Mr. Mike Miller, the city of West Covina's retired Director of Environmental Services, sends a letter to Mr. Kin Hui, the CEO of Singpoli directly informing him of contamination, geologic and seismic instability, and other issues associated with the land at BKK. This is the land where Singpoli is considering building an "international destination hotel."



July 21, 2020: In a 4 to 1 vote the West Covina city council extends the Sales Agreement with Singpoli (hotel developer) for 90 days.  Singpoli has until the end of October 2020 to buy the land at BKK.  This extension is noteworthy because the city council broke the promise it had repeatedly made to residents since late 2016; that is, no land sale at BKK to any party would occur without a complete environmental review and a development agreement in force.  With the extension of the Sale Agreement, the city council removed these requirements and made the land sale simply "as-is". Prior to the vote by the council 280 persons asked the council NOT to do the extension.  No one spoke in favor of extending the Sales Agreement.  


April 12, 2020: Letter sent to the city of West Covina asking what emergency plan(s) it has for BKK given foreseeable public health issues at and around the site.

January 30, 2020: Letter from the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to the city of West Covina stating that BKK is "an on-going health threat" and detailing serious problems with how the city has handled the possible sale of city owned land at BKK to Singpoli; also reminding the city it can be sued by the DTSC and other parties if the city fails to meet its obligations at BKK.

August 30, 2019: Letter from the California Department of Recycling Resources and Recovery (CalRecycle) informing the city of West Covina of inadequacies of the current landfill has monitoring system at BKK and occasions when measured concentrations of landfill gas have exceeded regulatory limits.   

August 1, 2019: The city of West Covina and Singpoli sign a tentative Sales Agreement – the 134 acres of city-owned land directly adjacent to the unlined, toxic hazardous waste landfill can be sold only if many “statutory and regulatory conditions” are met.  


Most of the agreement is unremarkable, but it does contain a couple of surprises:


1) All legal costs will be paid by Singpoli.  If any party files a lawsuit or otherwise legally challenges what Singpoli is trying to do, Singpoli foots the bill - and not the city of West Covina.  In our opinion this means residents don’t need to worry about our city incurring any legal expenses associated with any party challenging Singpoli’s proposed hotel.


2) If the sale occurs, Singpoli has agreed to assume responsibility for any consequences of environmental contamination of any kind on the 134 acres “regardless of when or how it was deposited or came to be present on the Property”.  Consequences listed include "damage to any property, injuries to or deaths of persons”.  


In our opinion this means that the city of West Covina has completely absolved itself any responsibility to its residents in the future.  If the land sale occurs, you will not have any grounds on which to ask the city for anything - no help, no compensation, no restitution, no assistance of any kind. 

May 21, 2019: At this West Covina city council meeting residents showed up in force and spoke up against Singpoli's proposed intensive development directly next to the unlined toxic hazardous waste landfill at BKK.  Every speaker, except two spoke against Singpoli's proposed Landfill Hotel.  It's on YouTube and worth watching!  Public comments begin 7 minutes and 45 seconds into the video and ends a 1 hour and 5 minutes: Here's the link.


April 30, 2019: Just 3 business days after receiving proposals, the City of West Covina selects Singpoli's proposal for BKK.  In closed session, the City Council directs the interim City Manager to prepare a draft Letter Of Intent and Escrow Agreement between Singpoli Group LLC and the City of West Covina to proceed with a 400 room hotel directly next to the Class I (toxic hazardous waste) landfill at BKK.  


March 21, 2019: The City of West Covina released a Request For Proposal (RFP) for BKK inviting parties to submit proposals for land on and adjacent to the landfills.   Proposals are due back to the City by April 24, 2019.  The City's key contact person for this RFP is Ms. Paulina Morales, West Covina’s Director of Economic Director at


February 19, 2019: West Covina's City Council votes to direct the City Staff to prepare a Request For Proposal (RFP) for BKK.   By doing so the City formally terminated its previous policy of only negotiating with a single developer, Singpoli for the purchase and development of City-owned land at BKK.  The RFP will invite all parties to submit proposals with their ideas for land use at BKK.   The City expects the RFP to be released around March 19, 2019.


February 5, 2019: Singpoli releases their latest conceptual plan for BKK including a 400 room hotel directly next to the Class I toxic hazardous waste landfill and solar panels on the south facing sides of the Class III mostly trash landfill.


January 2019: We shot drone footage of BKK if you'd like to see what the landfills look like today.

August 2018: This brochure sent to all mailing addresses in West Covina warning of the risks associated with developing the land on and adjacent to the BKK landfill and urging this land instead be sold to conservation interests.  With trails and recreational amenities added it is ideal for a park and the preservation of wildlife and habitat.


May 2018: Sierra Club publishes an article encouraging the land adjacent to BKK be retained as open space for a park and wildlife preserve.


April 17, 2018: West Covina's City Council meeting on this date includes a Staff Report which tells the outcome of meetings recently held with 4 of the 8 regulatory agencies that have responsibilities associated with the land on and adjacent to the BKK landfill.  Those 4 agencies are the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, CalRecycle, Los Angeles Regional Water Control Board, and U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife Service.  Singpoli and the City of West Covina both participated in these meetings.  The regulators provided a lengthy list of issues associated with Singpoli's proposed development at BKK.


April 3, 2018: West Covina's City Manager, Mr. Chris Freeland indicates Singpoli has now signed the Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA) that the City Council approved on December 19, 2017.  Neither Singpoli or the City provided a responsive answer to why Singpoli took well over 3 months to sign the short 7 page ENA, which was almost identical to the ENA that Singpoli operated under during 2017.   


December 19, 2017: West Covina’s City Council approved a new Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA) between the City and the Singpoli Group.  The ENA does not commit either party to Singpoli’s proposed development, just reserves Singpoli’s exclusive right to negotiate with the City of West Covina for this land.  Councilman Toma voted against the ENA; Councilmen Johnson, Warshaw and Wu as well as Mayor Spence voted in favor of the ENA.  

November, 2017: Singpoli presented its proposed development plan at a City Council meeting for the land on and adjacent to BKK.  Prior to this Singpoli spent about one year creating its plan without any input from the public.