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Wildlife and Habitat Preservation

Parts of the land on and adjacent to BKK is a huge wildlife reservoir and rich habitat for dozens of species of animals and plentiful native California vegetation. 


We strongly believe that any development proposals for BKK must include substantial land for wildlife and habitat preservation AND restoration. There is already too little open space in this part of the San Gabriel Valley where people can enjoy nature and create outdoor memories.

BKK is part of a much larger wildlife reservoir and corridor. The open space and habitat at BKK connects to open space and habitat in Walnut.  This is turn connects to open space and habitat on the campus of Mt. San Antonio College, which turn connects to open space and habitat on the campus of Cal Poly Pomona.  There are even small connection points from land that begins at BKK all the way to Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas.  

Some of this land at BKK includes woodlands of protected Southern California Black Walnut Trees as well as abundant Toyon, Coastal Live Oak, Lemonade Berry, California Buckwheat, and other native California vegetation. 

Habitat Preservation
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