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The Class III landfill is mostly municipal trash.  It's owned by BKK Corporation, is about 175 acres in size, and is not for sale…but this land is available to use under a license or lease.


We believe the top deck of this landfill is ideal for a solar photovoltaic field to generate electricity and multiple studies have confirmed that.  One study examined all closed landfills in the state of California - that study concluded BKK was the best site in our state for solar energy production at a closed landfill.  Many residents of West Covina and surrounding communities have already suggest solar at BKK.


Our idea is that the solar panels would be located on the relatively flat top deck of the Class III landfill (and not on the slopes of the landfill).  The top deck is hundreds of feet above any surrounding homes and businesses – in other words they would not be seen.


Many landfills in the United States have already been used for solar power generation – and the ground does not even have to penetrated to install, operate or maintain the solar panels.  This solar field would create revenue for the city of West Covina, make us less dependent on fossil fuels, and avoids all the adverse potential impacts of Singpoli’s proposed development.  

In addition, solar panels on the Class III landfill are completely compatible with open space and a park on the 134 acres nearby (the Land For Sale).

Email to West Covina City Council and senior city staff re: solar on closed landfills

Time Magazine article re: solar on closed landfills

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