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The Class I landfill is the hazardous waste landfill.  It's owned by BKK Corporation and is about 195 acres in size.  The Class I landfill is not for sale.   At present it is also not  available to lease or license for use.


The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) is performing multiple studies on the Class I landfill. The DTSC has indicated it will not be in a position to substantively respond to any possible future uses of this landfill until those studies are completed, which is expected to be several years from now.

Until those studies are completed, perhaps the surface of Class I landfill could be seeded with native California wildflowers.  These will require no irrigation or supplemental water.  Come spring this will provide a colorful spectacle visible for miles around.  In addition, this will help beneficial insects and pollinators that are an important part of the habitat in this area.  

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