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Massive Hotel

Singpoli has proposed a massive and sprawling hotel complex and villas where all that you see today is an undeveloped, beautiful and nearly pristine ridgeline – one of the only remaining unbuilt ridgelines in the City. 

Also, the proposed hotel and villas would be within about 600 feet of some homes.  If live near the hotel, you will be impacted by it.  


Singpoli says the hotel will be 400 rooms.  However, an analysis that the City of West Covina had done by a real estate and economic development advisory firm indicates our City has a need for 137 hotels rooms through 2035 – so rooms at Singpoli’s hotel may sit empty.

Los Angeles Skyline

Since that analysis, the owner of the Plaza Mall in West Covina, which is adjacent to the 10 freeway has proposed two hotels of their own at this Mall.  These would be completed well before any hotel by Singpoli and more than fulfill all demand for new hotel rooms.

Finally, think about how each of us pick a hotel.  First, you pick your destination and attraction (e.g., the Grand Canyon, Disneyland, Niagara Falls).  Then you pick your hotel based on your budget and the amenities you want. What will attract people to a hotel, built next to a toxic hazardous waste landfill, stuck in between the 10 and freeways, where the nearest amenities are a Home Depot and Target?

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