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Traffic and Congestion

In order to be financially successful the proposed Singpoli development needs visitors, lots of them…and they will arrive in cars, vans and buses from the 10 and 60 freeways.

Daily deliveries for the hotel, conference center, restaurants, and other facilities will add to traffic as well.   


The entrance/exit to the BKK landfill is off of Azusa Avenue.  Azusa is already one of the most heavily traveled roads in West Covina.  The intersection of Azusa Avenue and Amar Road, directly south of the entrance/exit to BKK is already one of the most congested in the City. 

Added traffic and congestion would not be limited to West Covina.  Navigation apps would route traffic all over this part of the San Gabriel Valley – even through residential neighborhoods in Walnut, La Puente, Valinda, South San Jose Hills, City of Industry, Covina, and Baldwin Park – to avoid Azusa Avenue until the last possible moment. 

Traffic Congestion
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