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Entrances/Exits to the Site

The BKK site is a land-locked island with only one entrance/exit to the site.  That road is Giambi Lane.  


This is the same Giambi Lane that today regularly gets choked with cars simply using the softball and soccer fields at Big League Dreams. 

Multiple entrances and exits to developments like Singpoli has proposed are critical here in California. When emergencies occur like fires and earthquakes, first responders have to get in and people have to get out.  


Can a 400-room hotel, its 20,000 square feet of conference space, the amphitheater, a virtual reality park, the zip line adventure area, a K9 training center, a fire fighter training center, and Big League Dreams be evacuated in a timely manner through just one road while first responders are trying to get in?

One Entrance and Exit.png

Singpoli's one entrance and exit means all visitors, employees, contractors, deliveries, etc would come in and out via Giambi Lane and on to Azusa Avenue.  We believe this proposal creates serious challenges for traffic flow on Azusa Ave and Amar Road.  These streets are already highly traveled and often congested.   We also believe this proposal creates serious risks when an emergency occurs.

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