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Our proposed solution makes West Covina and surrounding communities more livable AND provides added revenue to the city of West Covina.  Here's a list of each of the advantages of our proposed solution compared against Singpoli's development concept:


  • Public Health and Safety: For our proposed solution any risk to public health and safety is eliminated because the landfills are not disturbed and neither is the land adjacent to the landfills.  Open space and a park will improve our accessibility to land and nature to visit, walk in, hike in, play, and create outdoor memories.  Solar on municipal trash landfills has been done safely and successfully again and again – even nearby in Ontario, California (see photos below).


  • Traffic and Congestion: For our proposed solution there are no hotel visitors, no deliveries every day, hundreds of employees and contractors would NOT be coming in and out…  A park and solar power generation will not  add measurably to traffic or congestion.


  • Entrances and Exits of the Site:  A park and solar power are entirely compatible with just one entrance and exit - the existing one. Parks and solar power just do not need all the entrances and exits that an international destination hotel and resort needs.  


  • Noise: Parks and solar power generation are silent.  Also, from a visual perspective the solar field could be designed so that it would NOT be seen because the relatively flat top deck of BKK is so much higher than the surrounding land.  


  • Increased Costs for Residents: There should be none.  In fact the City of West Covina should no longer have to pay for electricity that the City uses (City Hall, traffic and street lights, park lighting, community centers, etc).  Potential sources have already been identified that would minimize or even potentially eliminate costs to the City of West Covina to have large scale solar installed at BKK.  


  • Risk of Failure: While every commercial venture carries risk of failure, we believe solar power generation has a much lower risk of failure than what Singpoli has proposed.  For the Park, that land will be remain as a park in perpetuity.  


  • Massive Hotel: There is no hotel.  No destruction or obstruction of an undeveloped nearly pristine ridgeline – one of the only remaining ones in West Covina.  No sprawling hotel encroaching on nearby residential neighborhoods.  No hotel visible from virtually anywhere in West Covina.


  • Wildlife and Habitat:  The park ensures the preservation of existing habitat and wildlife, restoration of habitat that was destroyed by grading for the proposed golf course, and for creation of new habitat that the City committed to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and California Department of Fish and Wildlife for permission to construct Big League Dreams and the Heights shopping Center.  Having a solar field near the park is completely compatible.  


The photographs below are of the solar power generation facility in Ontario, California at the landfill on South Milliken Ave.  Please note in the photos that installation does NOT penetrate the surface of the landfill – they sit a top the surface of the ground.  The facility is rated to withstand winds up to 110 mph.

Milliken Landfill

Solar at Milliken Landfill in Ontario, CA

Landfill Solar Panels

NO ground penetration

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