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This is 134 acres of land that is owned by the City of West Covina, which is trying to sell it.  This land used to be owned by BKK Corporation, but possibly not  used as a landfill.  Our idea is this land would remain open space and become a park with trails and other recreational amenities added.  Conservation interests have expressed potential interest in buying this land from the City of West Covina for just that purpose. 


This preserves the last remaining sizeable open space in this part of the San Gabriel Valley.   It's preserved for all of us to enjoy and create outdoor memories for generations to come.  


Not only would the park provide excellent views from atop the hills, existing wildlife and habitat would also be preserved - areas within these 134 acres that have already been designated for preservation and restoration by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and California Department of Fish and Wildlife as part of agreements with the City of West Covina to allow the Heights Shopping Center and Big League Dreams to be constructed. 

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