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Proposed Development at the BKK Landfill

The Singpoli Group LLC released their latest proposal in May 2019 for a large scale commercial development on and next to the BKK landfills.  This is Singpoli’s 4th proposal in about two years.  Click here to view Singpoli’s latest proposal.


While some features of Singpoli’s proposals have changed over the past two years the centerpiece of each proposal has remained a very large hotel.  The proposed hotel is now about 400 feet from the closed toxic hazardous waste landfill.  Other features of Singpoli’s current proposal include 20,000 square feet of meeting and conference space, a virtually reality building, ziplines, and training facilities for police K9 units and for firefighters.  

The following are the key issues that needed to be considered, carefully analyzed, and fully addressed as the City of West Covina, its residents, those of surrounding communities weigh potential increased revenue for the City against the potential consequences that could degrade the quality of life in this region of the San Gabriel Valley:

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