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Frequently Asked Questions...and Answers



Here's the challenges that we see to having a successful hotel at the BKK landfill:


1. Think about how you pick a hotel.  First, you pick your destination.  For example, you want to visit Disneyland, or Niagara Falls, or the Grand Canyon.  Then you pick a hotel close to what you'll be visiting.  

West Covina is not a destination location and Singpoli has proposed nothing  at BKK that make West Covina a destination location.  Singpoli has simply proposed a hotel, built directly next to a toxic hazardous waste landfill with a virtual reality building and a Zipline attraction.  


2. The City of West Covina had an analysis performed by HR&A, a real estate and economic development advisory firm.  That analysis concluded West Covina could capture the demand for just "137 hotel rooms" through 2035.  Singpoli has proposed a 400 room hotel. In addition, the analysis by HR&A says a new hotel would require "nearby amenities" and "a sense of place".  The BKK site does not include nearby amenities, it's a land-locked island in between the 10 and 60 freeways..and a landfill is not the "sense of place" visitors seek.  In addition, the owners of the Plaza Mall in West Covina have already proposed two new hotels for the planned redo of that Mall.

3. There are currently severe restrictions on what can be built on some of this land.  These restrictions "prohibit residential, hotel, day care, and hospitals".  It is unknown at this time how Singpoli would deal with these restrictions.

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